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Vegan Baileys
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Vegan Baileys

Merry Christmas everyone! We have tried again and again to get Baileys to work with varying results. Last year the official almond milk version was released, but we felt it fell short of the original flavour and texture, so we’ve come up with this! This is as close as we […]

seitan vegan chicken dippers (2)

Seitan Basic Dough

If you’re craving something “meaty” to snack on or use as a meat replacement in recipes then help is at hand! Wheat meat, gluten meat or as it’s more commonly known as Seitan is your friend! Pronounced ‘Say-Tan from the Japanese ‘Sei’ meaning ‘made of’ and ‘Tan’ a truncated form […]

Hearty veg and bacon soup
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Chunky Winter Veg Broth

On long, chilly, grey winter days when you think the outside will never dry out and the sun may well not shine again this side of oblivion, I like to get a steamy bowlful of this inside me. It’s super hearty and totally filling. Best enjoyed under a blanket with […]

Seitan 'Bacon' Sandwich

Seitan ‘Bacon’

‘But what about bacon?’ (taken from most frequently asked questions proffered to Vegan’s). Seitan Bacon was hands down the greatest thing we ever discovered after going Vegan. The recipe is for smokey, streaky bacon that slices into perfect, layered rashers and fries up a treat! Some recipes call for a […]