Year: 2022

Vegan macaroni and cheese close up shot

Ultimate Vegan Mac ‘n’ Cheese!

Vegan Mac and Cheese, also cheese sauce for any pasta, just follow the sauce bit for the sauce or add macaroni for the titular dish! We only use vegan stock and nutritional yeast to create our sauce to keep it simple, delicious and accessible, you can always add your own […]

A bowl of vegan black bean soup topped with black beans and chilli flakes
Lunches & Light Bites, Soups

Super Black Bean Soup

Here in the UK we are a hardy folk, quite used to the drizzle and temperature that our Autumn and Winter bring. But how are we so resilient, so chipper, so unreservedly optimistic? The secret is SOUPS AND STEWS! Our Black Bean Soup is so hearty, smooth and filling you’ll […]

Vegan Full English Breakfast

Vegan Full English Breakfast

Who doesn’t love a proper cooked breakfast? We certainly do! Perfect for lazy weekend mornings, our vegan take on a traditional fry up is bursting with delicious flavours, lower in saturated fat than it’s meaty counterpart and the ultimate way to start your day! You can use your favourite plant […]

Mains, Seitan

Super Happy Vegan Fried Chick’n!

The journey to making this recipe a reality has been a long one, punctuated with trial and error, heartbreak, near misses in the pits of despair and wild experimentation on the fringes of vegan cookery. Over the years, I have lost count of the variations of the spice mix I’ve […]