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Vegan Moussaka

Vegan Moussaka

This is our plant based take on the classic Greek dish consisting of layers of thinly sliced potato and aubergines (eggplants), mince and a creamy topping. In this version we swap out the traditional lamb mince for a plant based substitute, though you could also use green lentils instead if […]

Vegan Sponge Cake
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Simple Vegan Vanilla Sponge Cake

This is my recipe for a classic vanilla sponge cake, made without eggs or dairy. It is light and fluffy and delicious and no one will realise it’s vegan, I promise! I have included the full method including creaming the vegan ‘butter’ and sugar together, but if you are short […]

Vegan Chicken Dhansak
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Vegan Dhansak

Love curry and lentils (who doesn’t?), then our take on vegan dhansak is for you! Dhansak is a lentil based, sweet and sour curry, usually quite hot. Delicious, healthy and packed with flavour – I am sure it will become a firm favourite if you haven’t tried it before. Dhansak […]

Vegan Aubergine and Chickpea Tagine

Aubergine and Chickpea Tagine

This Moroccan inspired stew is a gorgeous combination of melt in the mouth aubergine and chickpeas in a rich, delicately spiced sauce flavoured with cinnamon, harissa and mint. Traditionally made in a tall tagine cook pot, it works fine in a standard saucepan with a lid too, if you don’t […]

Vegan Full English Breakfast

Vegan Full English Breakfast

Who doesn’t love a proper cooked breakfast? We certainly do! Perfect for lazy weekend mornings, our vegan take on a traditional fry up is bursting with delicious flavours, lower in saturated fat than it’s meaty counterpart and the ultimate way to start your day! You can use your favourite plant […]